Custom Wooden Wedding Goblets Woodturning

Wedding flutes, goblets, and wine glasses made to order.To symbolize your wedding or celebrate your 5th (wood) anniversary, I suggest…

…a pair of matched  GOBLETS with interlocked COMMITMENT RINGS for your wedding or anniversary toast.  The goblets are 8 inches tall and hold about 4 ounces of liquid.  They are individually hand turned from American ash and finished on the inside and out with food-safe urethane varnish.  They are safe for people and for all beverages.  Red wine will not stain these goblets.  The names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding are laser engraved on the goblets in the font of your choice.

Each COMMITMENT RING is free to move on its own, but they both encircle the stem of the goblet and are symbolically interlocked with each other ... forever.  I picture these goblets being used for a toast at the wedding or anniversary and for sharing a split of champagne on each anniversary thereafter.

The cost of a pair of engraved goblets is $120, including shipping.
To order: e-mail the following information to at least 6 weeks before you need the goblets.

  • The style of goblet you would like, from left to right, flute, goblet, or wine glass.
  • The font for the engraving.
  • The names and date you want engraved on your goblets.
I will make and engrave the goblets and send them to you. 
If they are what you want, pay the bill.
If they are not what you want, just return them.

To contact me by email, please CLICK HERE.