Wood Wall Art & Decorative Woodworking

Ed Youtz is a Professional WoodturnerMy turning career started in high school, but was interrupted by 40 years of science teaching. Now retired, I am turning clean-lined, smoothly finished, pieces from burls and local hard woods. It is a joy to see the figure and grain of the wood appear as the piece is shaped on the lathe. Though I started out favoring functional items, I am now making a mix of functional and decorative turnings.  Wedding Goblets are a specialty and exploring the line and weight of plates, bowls, and vase forms is a particular joy.  Emphasizing the figure and grain patterns in the wood is a theme that runs through all the work.

The Jubilations are something new. Taking a slab of wood, turning it, cutting it up and mounting it for hanging on a wall is a rush.  I am a fascinated maker and spectator in their development.

You can see some of this work in 3 galleries and at several Art and Craft Shows in the greater Southeastern PA region.  Click on“See Ed’s Work” to find out when and where.

Another new experience is my growing involvement with the teaching of woodturning.  If you would like to try woodturning, I teach classes at the WoodCraft Store on Lehigh Street in Allentown, PA and at the GoggleWorks in Reading, PA.

At the WoodCraft Store you can take a 4-hour Introduction to Turning, Spindle 1 which is prerequisite for a 7-Class Basic Woodturning Course.   In this course, the student is introduced to various ways of holding work on the lathe, tool sharpening, and making: eggs, matched multiples, cups, lidded boxes, plates, and both wet and dry bowls. There is an intermediate course that follows the basic course. Go to WoodCraft Store and click on Classes at the left for a schedule.

At the GoggleWorks the introduction and the basic course are combined into an 8-class course.  There is an intermediate course as well.  During the summer there are 4-hour turning workshops for those wondering if woodturning would be fun.  Go to Goggleworks and under Programs download a catalog, then scroll down to Wood for a schedule of classes.

Teaching turning is a combination of a loved vocation and a consuming hobby.  If you want more information, click on the links to those two sites, or contact me.

What needs do you have that can be satisfied with turned wood? Let me provide the solution for you or teach you to make it for yourself.

To contact me by email, please CLICK HERE