Comprehensive 8-Class Woodturning Course

In the first two 3-hour classes of the Comprehensive 8-Class Woodturning Course, the student will be introduced to spindle turning and the safe use of the spindle roughing gauge, parting tool, spindle gauge, and skew. Maintaining contact between the wood and the tool just behind the cutting edge and always cutting from a large diameter to a small diameter will be among the lessons learned. A turned and finished vase for a dry flower arrangement will go home with the student at the end of the second class.

In the third class students will learn to hold wood in a scroll chuck and turn a wooden egg making the two needed curves with a spindle gauge. The use of the spindle roughing gauge and skew will be reviewed to make refrigerator magnets held on the lathe with a home-made screw chuck.

In the fourth class students will learn techniques for making matched copies of wood turnings. This will require more practice with the spindle tools to copy a chair rung and then turn a pair of matched candle sticks.

In the fifth class students will learn to end grain hollow with a spindle gauge and scrapers. The student will take home  a turned lidded box.

Starting in the sixth class we will shift to bowl orientation of the wood, with the grain perpendicular to the axis of the lathe. A glue block will be used to hold a blank on the lathe and students will turn a plate using a bowl gauge and scrapers.

In the seventh class students will be introduced to the necessity for coping with the changes in wood as it dries. They will turn a thin bowl from green wood and take it home to dry and change shape. Several techniques will be used to shape and smooth the bowl.

In the eighth, and final, class students will be given a bowl blank that has changed shape as it has dried over several months. They will learn to mount it safely on the lathe and turn a round bowl.

The Comprehensive 8-Class Woodturning Course will turn the serious student into a woodturner. To do this well requires practice as well as an understanding of the techniques involved. This course provides a safe introduction to the needed techniques and compassionate coaching from an experienced instructor to speed the progress of anyone wanting to learn to turn wood.

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